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Dan Ahern

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Dan is a marketing professional with over 20 years of experience creating targeted communications for executives and global business. He is passionate about compelling marketing and creative story-telling in written, video and live, staged formats. He is based in San Francisco.

  • Dan has helped numerous CEOs and senior executives to conceive, produce, rehearse and deliver keynote and staged presentations at conferences or internal employee, press and investor meetings.


  • Large multi-national companies like Autodesk, ABB and Ellucian and small start-ups have relied on Dan’s expertise and steady hand for marketing and employee messaging.


  • Dan has created messaging and video content for successful political campaigns.


  • Dan has worked with both professional and non-professional lecturers, including John Cleese, Sir Ken Robinson, Louise Leakey, Jon Landau and more.


  • Dan has an extensive track record designing and producing staged keynotes, TED-like speaker events and high-end video production.


For many years, Dan has volunteered with Dr. Brian Fisher at the California Academy of Sciences to support Dr. Fisher’s communications, presentations and fundraising for biodiversity research and protection of Madagascar’s forests. In recognition of his many contributions, a newly discovered species of Madagascar ant, Tetramorium aherni, was named in Dan’s honor.


Client Reviews

Dan and I worked together for many years. He is one of the most creative people that I’ve had the opportunity to work with. He has an ability to expand the perspective of those he works with and bring both humor and professionalism to media/presentations for any level of customer. This always created an innovative environment and often was the catalyst for some of the best marketing results I’ve experienced. He offers great contributions to any team.
— Richard Harpham, CEO, Cloudwords
He is an outstanding strategic thinker, brilliant communicator and creative writer. When someone on C-staff needs to develop a strategic plan or critical communication for events or meetings, Dan is always a favorite. He has the ability to actively participate in business strategy as well as roll up his sleeves to create videos, customer stories, whitepapers, messages and keynote presentations.
— Karen Brewer, CMO, Ellucian
Dan is top-notch. He is an excellent communicator and marketer, who partners closely with PR and other marketing functions to provide clear product and strategic context, excellent collateral and background, and a thorough understanding of the competitive landscape. A true ally in the success of any media outreach program.
— Paul Eric Davis, Communications Director, Trimble